Engagements & Wedding Instant Photo Magnets

Wedding Instant Magnets

Our specialty

Weddings and Engagement photo magnets are our specialty and a whole new experience that will make your special day truly memorable.

By collaborating with us, we will work together to help create the perfect day you’ve always imagined. With our costumed props, our professional photographer will roam amongst the crowd for your guests to pose and create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

Our photographer will take unlimited photos throughout your night, whilst our second on-site staff simultaneously prints your photos onto your personalised designed magnets. A new batch will be printed every 5-10 minutes, leaving every single one of your guests with a unique personalised memento to keep and cherish forever.

Your photo magnets can be personalised to portray the story of your love through a particular layout and design, leaving your guests with the ultimate bonbonniere to remind them of your celebration.