Corporate Events Photo Magnets

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Corporate Events Photo Magnets

Create a fun yet professional experience for your corporate event or function with our fridge photo magnets. Our photo magnets are a perfect way of promoting your company, or can be used as the ultimate addition to make your event memorable.

Prior to your event or party, we will work with you to design a frame. It is completely customisable! You can add anything you want such as your event theme, name, your company’s logo or whatever else you would like printed on your frame.

During the event our experienced photographer casually mingles around the crowd and takes photos of your guests. Photos taken are shortly after transferred to our on-site staff member who prints your moments onto our high quality fridge magnets designed around your frame.

Your guests will be able to simply choose and collect in an instant their photos, not missing a moment of your night. This leaves all your guests with an unforgettable souvenir to take home from your event.