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Parties Photo Magnets

Birthdays and Parties are always joyful and full of fun. They like to be remembered and memorable – that’s where we come in.

With Designed Memories, we can help you make your event extra special, and give your party that extra touch. Our instant photo magnets are the perfect addition as a memorable gift for all of your guests. Our experienced photographer will take photos throughout your party, capturing all the smiles and laughs generated from the beginning to the end of your celebration.

Birthdays and Parties always require a touch of entertainment, than why not add our Photo Booth Magnet to your celebration! Our unique Photo Booth allows your guests to pose for pictures using our various entertaining and amusing props.

Once the photos are taken, they are instantly printed and displayed on our magnetic board within a few minutes, where you can enjoy the moments we’ve photographed. Your guests will be able to simply choose and collect in an instant their photos, not missing a moment of your night.

So why not treat your guests with our unique custom magnets as a keepsake of your celebration.